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The Tetra – 3-D Organizational Tool – 
A Crucible of Learning and Creativity
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Buckminster Fuller perceived four and its geometric manifestation, the Tetrahedron, to be the simplest and most utilized structural system in the Universe. The Tetra is applying this structural system to human organizational design.

The TETRA is an 3-D organizational design to capture collaborative creativity by holding a space for dynamic, emotional tension between four people.   For more information, there is material on this web site under resources.

The TETRA is an untested idea. You are invited to participate in the research to develop and test the TETRA by filling out the information below and hitting the 'submit' button. 

Or if you would just like to be kept abreast of this research, let me know that my provding your contact info and hitting submit.

                                                                             Frank Nuessle 
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