What distinguishes GPI from other consulting firms?

Our Approach is collaborative based on our belief that any solution lies within the client organization and that our work is to make that solution visible – to help decision makers see the world with new eyes.

Our Expertise comes from decades of experience working with corporations, non-profits and government agencies throughout the world so we bring a combination of proven approaches, leading-edge thinking and practical know-how.

Our Passion is to establish long term relationships with our clients.  We have a strong commitment to their development and growth on the path to personal mastery. We work with clients based on our core values of respect, honesty and integrity, plus a passion for sustainable results.

Our Understanding of the challenges to engaging consulting services some of which are: time/money, relevance, human resources (availability of mentors and coaches), and living up to the expectations of the moment

Our Impact is proven by our performance.   Our measure is to exceed client’s expectations.  We do not always succeed, but even when faced with circumstances beyond our control, we work to expand the capacity of client organizations to deal with the inevitable challenges and complexities to be faced in the increasingly turbulent 2st Century.