To see what is in front of one's nose,                 needs a constant struggle.               
                                         George Orwell

our services.....

GPI consulting services are rooted in traditional disciplines that focus on comprehensive, innovative, cross-disciplinary, systemic solutions to operational challenges. 

Because of our “systems/design thinking” approach, we are searching for root causes and are often able to “reprogram” the organizational and cultural dynamics at the core of the issue or challenge. 

Our services address a broad range of challenges, but ultimately focus on leadership relating to how leaders think, what they inspire, and the results they generate.

what we offer....

Some of the areas where we offer our clients assistance and support are:

Leadership/Personal Mastery - Successful leaders build trust and cultivate participation.  Who trusts who in your organization?  

Where are your organizational pathologies or blind spots?

Strategy Development - Vision resides in large ideas expressed in small moments. 

Where is your organization going and who has agreed to go with you? 

Where does wisdom reside?  

Systemic Change Organizational DNA is very complex and requires a systemic view to uncover.

How do you move a social system in a desired direction?

Culture/Social Networks - Consent, partnership and empowerment are the alternatives to bureaucracy.

Do you have an accountable culture built on strategies of consent?

Are you leveraging internal and external social networks?

Sales Model Innovation   A sales model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value.

For whom are you creating value?

How integrated are your channels?

What are the most important costs and outcomes inherent in your sales-marketing model?

Other areas.....

We form highly collaborative partnerships with our clients, catalyzing positive organic change and sustainable results from inside the client organization, rather than relying on packaged solutions developed on the outside.